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Pride Academy has been reaching communities and people across Indiana for the past 20 years through all sorts of giveaways, financial empowerments, block parties, food pantries, conservatories, and many other opportunities. It’s a huge blessing to have a positive impact in our own community. We know one thing for sure, the more each of us acts as global citizens and become positive agents of change, the better off we all are. Our common goal is to respect all people and make a difference in the lives of others from a grassroots level. One of our goals is to help others see their goals, vision, and aspirations in life. Our continued effort of making it a habit to perform random acts of kindness on a daily basis has helped us to flourish at Pride Academy. We strive to bring our community together to help conquer the needs of an underserved/impoverished community. Wealth building and empowerment are resides at Pride Academy for all in our community.


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Make Your Donation Today To Judah Ministries Inc