Pride Academy® has a flexible weekly tuition. Tuition is expected in full every Friday when your child is dropped off. Additional fees are expected upon the time they occur. Tuition is expected before the first day your child attends. The childcare depends upon each week’s tuition to come for the current expenses. Pride Academy® does except CCDF. The following current rates may vary:

Registration Fee – $50.00 (ONE TIME FEE)
If any emergency occurs and you know it is unavoidable, a telephone call is appreciated so we can make proper arrangements and reissue your child everything is OK. It can also help reduce additional charges if you run late.

Additional fees
Late payment: $15.00
Late pick up: $1.00 per minute
Returned check: $50.00

$20.00/Week – One Way
$30.00/Week – Two Way
(CCDF does not cover transportation unless the child is “special needs.”)

PreK Graduation
$30.00 | Cap & Gown Fee

 Ages Weekly Rates  Weekly Rates  Weekly Rates
 West I (PTQ4) West II (PTQ4) North II (PTQ4)
Infants $346.00 $346.00 $346.00
Toddlers (1)  $312.00  $312.00  $312.00
Toddlers (2)  $312.00  $312.00  $312.00
PreK (3)  $312.00  $312.00  $312.00
PreK (4-5) $246.00 $246.00 $246.00
School Age $232.00 $232.00 $232.00
School Age (ALL DAY) $232.00 $232.00 $232.00
Summer Camp $232.00 $232.00 $232.00
ON MY WAY Pre-K $251.90 $251.90 $251.90

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