Summer Camping Trip Permission Form

As parent/legal guardian of
I grant permission for him/her to travel & participate in the Summer Camping Trip described below during Summer Break 2021. The nature and purpose of this field trip in to introduce our School Agers to nature & camping/outdoor experience.
Girl in a jacket

I am aware that when I am on a Pride-sponsored events, I am under the jurisdiction and supervision of the school-employed teachers/chaperones and that my behavior must conform to the Code of Student Conduct, Pride’s Parent Handbook, Code of Ethical Conduct and reasonable instructions from chaperones. I understand I will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action for violations of these rules and regulations.

Acknowledgement of Liability Limitations and Assumption of Risk

Parents assume risks any time students are permitted to travel and/or participate in Pride-related events. Judah (Pride Academy) acknowledges that you are not waiving your child’s or your personal rights, as defined under the liability limitations (outlined in the state’s tort claims law) by signing this permission authorization. However, the above-signed parent/guardian acknowledges disclosure that Judah (Pride Academy) reserves all

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