Virtual Teen Aviation Camp Application

Air Force Youth Programs

Privacy Act of 1974 Authority: Title 10, United States Code, Section 8013 Principal Purposes: To obtain youth and family program eligibility and background information for proper assignment of the individual into activities and workshops; to contact participant’s parents/guardians in the event of an accident or illness; obtain sponsor consent for access to emergency medical care. Routine Uses: To provide information to medical personnel in the absence of a parent; to notify the parents in case of emergency, to contact the youth’s parent/guardian relative to the youth’s participation in programs. Disclosure: Disclosure of requested information is mandatory. Please select your camp session choice from the drop down box below
All applications must be submitted by a Parent/Guardian no later than 14 April 2021.Please send applications to the AF Camps workflow box: submit application as a PDF attachment. We do not have the capability to access shared documents or cloud-based files.
Second Parent/Guardian Information

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