Pride Academy promotes high-quality early learning for all children, birth through age 18, by connecting practice, education, policy, and research. We advance our scholars in a diverse early childhood profession and direct/support all who care for, educate, and work on behalf of young children.

The earliest years are all about relationships. Infants and toddlers crave and develop attachments to the special teachers of Pride Academy. Babies develop expectations about people and we are here to service their needs.

  • Young infants (0-9 months) seek security.
  • Mobile infants (8-18 months) are eager to explore.
  • Toddlers (16-36 months) are working on their identity. They want to know who they are and who’s in charge.

At Pride Academy, relationships with our families are important and critical. Caring teachers and caregivers, learn from experiences, knowledge, culture, and childbearing beliefs of our family members.

Partnerships are when teachers value the family as the primary source of information about the child and as the constant in the baby’s life, and when family values the knowledge and personal characteristics of their child’s teachers. Good communication is essential.


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